Investment CRITERIA 

We are interested in attaining superior returns from investments in technology, healthcare, green-space, media/performing arts.  We act as facilitators in the development of influencer products and services.

We look for partners where strategic use of early-stage capital will be the initial push to the growth of a profitable on-going business. To accomplish this we offer:

• Start-up & Early-stage Investment

• Venture Debt & Business Structuring 



We look for novel, hard to replicate technologies that offer market momentum. Our focus is of a general nature: consumer (B2C) and business (B2B) oriented start-ups.

For technology investments we look at four factors: management, market, money, momentum.


Health CARE

The healthcare industry is large and complex requiring us to limit our attention to companies in the devices and supplies, medical software, and diagnostic tools sectors.

Like technology, healthcare start-ups are based upon innovative products/services which must have superior management coupled with great delivery and momentum.

Fund-House is a member of the Arizona Bioindustry Association. 


Green space

Over-population, climate change, water management, and energy consumption are all huge topics impacting our environment.

Clean-tech investments in the areas of commercial buildings' energy efficiencies, water conservation/renewability, and eco-friendly products and services are opportunities that fit our green space philosophy. 

Fund-House is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.



Our emphasis is on companies that cater to niche markets in the media/performing arts industry, particularly as they relate to social media. From ticket purchasing to talent booking, technology is changing the way media and the arts interact.

Companies with inventive products and services that expand audience-reach, introduce efficiency, and increase user/viewer expectations are in great demand and deemed to be very investable given the right business variables.

In addition to customary financial information we place emphasis on intrinsic variables, such as market influencer capability. 

Our investments, in money and time, must be made on a solid foundation of sound management and marketable innovation so as to extract full potential and performance results.