Yep. Failure from doing something that didn't work out or not doing something that should have been done or just plain making a dumb decision does have a bright side - it makes you Grow. Failure makes you a better decision-maker and better manager/business operator.

Entrepreneurs are noted for not having great people skills. Idea and conception is one thing, implementation and day-to-day management is another. Regardless, one must strive to minimize failure as you grow your business and develop its culture. Here are some thoughts:

- Keep in mind that you can be a good company and a good business -there is a difference.
- Be as open source as possible have it become part of what your company does.
- Use metrics. If you don't measure things, you can't improve them.
- We, at Fund House, have a weekly all staff meeting called, 'State of the House'. It is critical in              today's business environment that all staff are familiar with all aspects of the business.
- Good people are the key to success. Skills can be taught - good staff needs to be celebrated.
- Traveling takes too much time, use the internet for customer contact. Use videos and blogs.
- Learn to say NO. It's not about what you can do, it's more about what you will not do.
- Protect your Brand at all costs.
- The office and location do not make the business you can work from anywhere.

Jim Lavorato