Performing: The Third Growth Stage of a Business

The Performing Stage

This post is the third in a four part series regarding the Growth Stages of a business: Start-Up, Emerging, Performing, and 2nd Growth.

In the Start-Up and Emerging stages it's all about development and establishing a solid base upon which to build a growing and, more importantly, performing business.  In the performing stage, the business is now established and profitable. It continues to expand and scale by adding new clients/customers. Tattooing its brand on consumers' consciences and increasing its profit margin.
Growth is now the issue: increasing sales, marketing, and H.R. in general. Product development and
quality control are key issues. A confident, mature management is now well established and ready to implement a strategic, multi-year plan for future prosperity. In the Performing Stage, organic expansion is evident and acquisitions or a merger may be in the offing.

The Performing Stage is just that - the business is now established and running effectively, efficiently, and profitably.  Whether or not a performing business will ever reach the 4th stage of 2nd Growth is now dependent upon management and their vision and adaptability.