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Who and Why To Read 'Launch Pad'
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This is the very first post to the new Fund House blog. It is intended to be viewed and read in concert with the Fund House website, on-line videos, and social media interplay.

Fund House exists to provide two distinct and critical aspects to start-up and small business ventures: consulting and investment.

Consulting: We provide early-stage businesses and start-ups with the vital tools required to successfully launch and then maintain momentum which is critical to sustainability is the very harsh business environment we currently find ourselves.

Investment: We will provide micro/angel funding for those entities in the green space, technology, medical, and media/performing arts that we deem to have great potential and management and which compliment our portfolio.

Our strength lies in the ability to, not only analyze, but foster a forward-thinking business philosophy which builds high-performance, results-oriented cultures.  We are facilitators in the development of influencer products and services.

Why View/Read This Blog

As our logo depicts, the Fund House is a tri-union between our client, their business venture, and ourselves - working together to provide greater success than would be achieved otherwise. This blog will adhere to that credo. It will provide the best advice and information available without bias or sales pitch to the benefit of all small, early-stage, or start-up businesses.